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Porsche PDK Explained: Performance and Potential Problems

Is Porsche PDK reliable? Learn about PDK transmission workings, common PDK problems, lifespan & tips for how to drive a Porsche PDK.
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Are Porsche Macans Reliable? Your Guide to the Thrilling (and Dependable) SUV

Drivers, is the Porsche Macan reliable? Dive into model-specific details & discover how expert maintenance keeps your dream SUV thriving.
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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Porsche

Unleash your driving passion with a Porsche! Explore 5 reasons why you should buy a Porsche (your dream car). By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.
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Winter Cruise ’24

Join Seacoast Specialist Cars & other Porsche enthusiasts for our Winter Cruise!
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PTM: Porsche AWD Explained

Have you ever been curious about how Porsche's AWD system, PTM, works? Take a look at why PTM is one of the best AWD systems available!
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Winter Driving Tips for Your Porsche

Prepare your Porsche for winter driving with these expert tips. Whether you're driving a Macan or a 911, you'll want to read this!
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911 & Porsche World Feature: Coast Is Clear

Check out our recent feature in the 911 & Porsche World magazine. Dan Furr and Chris Wallbank came all the way from the UK to visit the shop!
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Time Machines

When you spend your workweek with Porsche owners and enthusiasts you begin to become curious about what story each car has. At least I do.
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The Scored Bore

Since I apparently cannot get enough of my profession, I spent an evening watching the wonderful set of videos on the subject of Bore Scoring.
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Going the Extra Mile

I’ve always admired the engineers in Stuttgart for their attention to detail. We, as Porsche owners, often remark on the sometimes difficult (and expensive) tasks of maintaining our cars but forget to consider those who build them.
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The Journey So Far

My wife likes to begin sentences in the middle and work her way outward from there. I believe it has to do with her relentless pursuit of efficiency. This sentence began with “Are you kidding me?” Not terribly unusual, and a laugh usually follows, which it did this time. What? I replied.
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The Rituals of Fall

This morning the air was cool – not unusual for a fall morning in New England.  As I was driving to work enjoying the chilly feeling (while wearing a sweatshirt, no less) – I smelled a familiar smell – burning wood.   I thought to myself “no doubt a woodstove”.  I would say that the smell of the first woodstove being lit has always held a special place in my heart.
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